Windows Smudged With Malware From CIA

The Shadow Brokers documents released yesterday gives ultra complex  nation state code to  every hacker in the world. The code comes complete with tool kits to bore into windows exploits with mind boggling accuracy.

Correction: Windows isn’t smudged, its broken.

The Wikileaks doc dump from the shadow Brokers means  one thing for the hundreds of millions  of  window desktop users world wide. If you don’t move to Window 10 your hacked, period.

Thank you CIA

The holes in older versions of Microsoft Windows Is so massive they will never be plugged. This will effect million including businesses using programs such as windows server 2008 and windows 7 and 8.

Get Ready For The Hack-A-Thon From Hell

Our in house security expert Trevor Stone says “The exposing of the pristine ultra- high end code written by the CIA is the supreme “Golden Nugget” of hacking tools. He goes on to explain that over the next few months and even years not only will the general public and small businesses be a great risk for date theft and exploitation but Microsoft has no real reason to spend the millions necessary to fix the problem. He states” I wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft come out with commercial slogans such as ” Up grade to windows 10 or lose your privacy entirely”. The fact is we have all been vulnerable to the Cia intrusion for years now we live in a virtual world with no way of locking the doors.

The Window Aren’t Smudged , They are just holes in the wall. Big holes in a house with not only no locks on the doors but the “backdoor” has been removed entirely.

More on this in greater detail in the days ahead.

This is HUGE

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