Living by Faith

Who do you trust?

In our complex world we live there exist a network of intangible relationships that are crucial to our social-political structure in which we live. As a society America has built a modal that is emulated over and over to propagate democracy globally. One of our core tools in structuring governance is a religious modal. We can talk about the relevance or lawful implications of weaving religion and politics but the facts is they are essentially one in the same.

In the analysis

We look today at one of the driving mechanisms that acts as a binder for globalism and the new world order. Today discussion is one of faith.


Just who do you trust?

JESUS, The Prophet Muhammad,  Trump, The wall street Journal?


Lets start there. Do you really trust yourself to make rational choices about the way you live? Of course you do. Your an intelligent educated well informed individual with a mind of your own.

Really ?

Would you  yourself trust your  capability  of making decisions that affected millions of people on a global scale? National?

Still feel informed and educated? If you hesitated for even one second before saying yes then sorry but I am not talking to you.

To effect change you must change the leaders

If you have seen the front page of this website then you know my intent here. My “Intent” is to effect global change for the benefit of not only this great nation but the entire world. Our leaders are ill equipped, under educated and overly reliant on someone else to direct the world into a safer more affluent place.  The world its not all warm and fuzzy, some say its spinning out of control. We need to go no further than our daily news outlet to see the cultural divide and the collision course  that we are on. We are looking at the train wreck in slow mo right before us. To me the path ahead is clear. While the possibilities are endless the logical conclusion is crystal to me. Our leaders must take action now to change the fate of mankind.

Where To Start?

First to my readers, you know, the intelligent….. blah blah you.

This is how you help and shine in the same breath. You got breath, voice, reason and drive . I need you , the world needs YOU. The next paraghaph is the punch line of it al. If what you read next makes you stand up and shout ureka….. then I have done my job and your next assignment is clear. Share this with you friends, co-workers and family. More importantly share this, no DEMAND this of our leaders. I will give you ways to this with little effort on your part in a furture post, stay tuned.

And Now The Final Curtain

This is directed at our leaders specifically

Trump Putin Merkel Kim Un,  our congress senate and supreme courts, our bankers , our ceo’s of wall street.

Get A Crip Man, This isn’t about you.

You all as individuals must collectively and at the same time put your ego down and  quit playing us all.  Take all the greed of money and power and flush it. That alone leave you with on thing left to do.


Do what you know in your heart to be good and true.

Brave New World

We CAN do this. Maybe we won’t get this done today or tomorrow on next year but we can over time evolve into a species that works well with the planet we inherited.

Its starts with you as soon as you press the share button

Thank you, Thank you very much

Rick Stone