WannaCry Hackers Vow To Cut Kill Switch On 2d Version Of Its Mailware

Make You Want To Cry Doesn’t?

The Terrorist group that released the Wanna Cry Malware program last week are black hat hackers that have one motive.


Screen grabs from across the globe have shown us that if we are infected it will cost us money know matter what.  Big gov and industries are scabbling the biggest anti hacker team to beat back what they know will be a “round 2” on the global computer networks.

My prediction for round two in same same with know kill switch. Most computers  that do not update will be most effected by the brutal malware that can turn your hard drive into mush in minutes.

The Blame Game Cometh

With plenty of finger pointing in France, Germany, and here in Washington the back room law dogs broilers are heating up for a massive sweep of arrests especially in France and the UK.

What You Should Know (this means you Uncle)

With code Developed by the Five Eye Nation State Spy Ring the next infestation won’t have a kill switch. The really scary part is the fact that almost inevitably some group will use it with political motives and point their weapon at infrastructure or worse our nuclear  or power grid. Many hospitals in Europe are still struggling to get back to fully functional platforms.

For all of us at home we advice you to


Microsoft wrote the shit, they got to plug the holes.

That is all move along and please

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In 253

Living by Faith

Who do you trust?

In our complex world we live there exist a network of intangible relationships that are crucial to our social-political structure in which we live. As a society America has built a modal that is emulated over and over to propagate democracy globally. One of our core tools in structuring governance is a religious modal. We can talk about the relevance or lawful implications of weaving religion and politics but the facts is they are essentially one in the same.

In the analysis

We look today at one of the driving mechanisms that acts as a binder for globalism and the new world order. Today discussion is one of faith.


Just who do you trust?

JESUS, The Prophet Muhammad,  Trump, The wall street Journal?


Lets start there. Do you really trust yourself to make rational choices about the way you live? Of course you do. Your an intelligent educated well informed individual with a mind of your own.

Really ?

Would you  yourself trust your  capability  of making decisions that affected millions of people on a global scale? National?

Still feel informed and educated? If you hesitated for even one second before saying yes then sorry but I am not talking to you.

To effect change you must change the leaders

If you have seen the front page of this website then you know my intent here. My “Intent” is to effect global change for the benefit of not only this great nation but the entire world. Our leaders are ill equipped, under educated and overly reliant on someone else to direct the world into a safer more affluent place.  The world its not all warm and fuzzy, some say its spinning out of control. We need to go no further than our daily news outlet to see the cultural divide and the collision course  that we are on. We are looking at the train wreck in slow mo right before us. To me the path ahead is clear. While the possibilities are endless the logical conclusion is crystal to me. Our leaders must take action now to change the fate of mankind.

Where To Start?

First to my readers, you know, the intelligent….. blah blah you.

This is how you help and shine in the same breath. You got breath, voice, reason and drive . I need you , the world needs YOU. The next paraghaph is the punch line of it al. If what you read next makes you stand up and shout ureka….. then I have done my job and your next assignment is clear. Share this with you friends, co-workers and family. More importantly share this, no DEMAND this of our leaders. I will give you ways to this with little effort on your part in a furture post, stay tuned.

And Now The Final Curtain

This is directed at our leaders specifically

Trump Putin Merkel Kim Un,  our congress senate and supreme courts, our bankers , our ceo’s of wall street.

Get A Crip Man, This isn’t about you.

You all as individuals must collectively and at the same time put your ego down and  quit playing us all.  Take all the greed of money and power and flush it. That alone leave you with on thing left to do.


Do what you know in your heart to be good and true.

Brave New World

We CAN do this. Maybe we won’t get this done today or tomorrow on next year but we can over time evolve into a species that works well with the planet we inherited.

Its starts with you as soon as you press the share button

Thank you, Thank you very much

Rick Stone






How To Stay Relevant

Have you noticed slippage in your social platforms lately?

Are your friends getting harder to hang with millennials? If your groove feels more like a rut I am here to help.

Thursday’s Thoughts

If you want to stay on the winning side of social platforms and feel like your on your way to “being Somebody” then here are a few tips to advance your cause and social prosperity.

Get A Stick

No this isn’t a shameless plug for a go pro its a call for all you young entrepreneurs to get use to the one thing that’s hard to roll out if you don’t know the first thing about wheels.

Be yourself to be somebody

Whatever you do you have to do it with your own unique style. That is really hard to do because there is always haters trying to beat your door and you down. Do you know that when I started the “Evil Slapper” meme I was blasted for being immature and people said I should grow up. Boy an I glad I didn’t listen to their nonsense. It has taken a while and a lot of work but it as all really worked out very well for me. Why? Because I stayed true to my vision and forced it into reality.

Do some forcing forcefully

Stay in your groove, do your own thing and let the haters hate. Push your message hard, when you can’t push no more think of ways to push it even harder. Motivation is the shining light people. Get a stick put it on a pole and plug in mega voltage to the light at the top (YOU).

You will Shine, have a little faith in yourself

That is all, move along

Rick Stone on Thursdays  Thoughts

The Five Eyes


James Comey lands in Queensland for five nation top  secret services spying consortium in Australia. CIA Director Mike Pompeo may have been seen as well. The meeting between the five nation including the Aussies, New Zealand, Us and the Brits yearly hook up for the Five Eyes international spy alliance.

Eyes In The Walls

Hacker Groups

One of the topics that will probable be discussed is the wikileaked docs on the nation state spy ware that the five eye group more than likely were invo;ved in producing.

Damage  Report Scotty

The group will now have to contend with black hat hackers using nation state spy ware to spy back on the very group that invented it.

A fly on the wall.

Wouldn’t you like to be one on that wall Coders?

Anybody ?

More Here

Nothing more here move along

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The First Is Protected By The Second

Google Gets Heat For Y

I heard long ago the saying “Free speech is free speech is free speech. Now while that may still be be said for America it may not be said abroad . Today the mega giant Google fines itself embroiled in a free speech controversy that has broad ramification on a global scale as while as here at home.

The story involves one of my favorite youtube channels ( the slingshot channel) that is run by a brisk german by the name of Jorge Sprave.  I as well as millions of others have watched for years as he went though is mastery of building homemade custom sling shots and other simplistic projectile propelling devices. Some time ago he posted a video on how to modify a knife as to make it suitable for penetrating a “no stab vest”. The vid has over a quarter of a million views. Now he and google the owner of youtube is in ht water with pc police and other who claim it’s content incites “cop killing”. The video has been removed and local police in Germany are considering charges against Mr. Sprave. Sprave points out that he in fact could be saving lives by exposing faults in manufacters claims that the vest are “impenetrable”.

Free speech is free speech is free speech

This notion that certain information should not be openly available to any one is way more dangerous then any discussion of any type of weapon design I can think of. Indeed the idea that we should in any way circumvent the first amendment  to “protect” law enforcement or others is ludicrous.

The second protects the first

Just as our constitution protects free speech it also protects that very speech with the 2d amendment. Many in this country feel that if the government has guns then we have the right to have guns to protect us from said government should the need to do so ever arise. Other will go even further and say that if the government has fighter jets that could be used against its people then anyone with the financial means to do so should be allowed to park one of the same in his drive way. I can hear the left screaming already that I don’t know what I’m talking about and how “dangerous” that would be. Dangerous for who? I  think I would trust my neighbors over some war mongering power hungry general any day of the week thank you.  And if and only IF said neighbor takes is little ol jet out for a spin and shoots something or someone , then and ONLY then should he be arrested and tried by a juror of is peers. No topic no matter how egregious it may be to some should every be stopped from being discussed on its proper platform. As a wise man once said ” If you don’t like the conversation don’t join it”. Our corporate giants like Google play an important role in elevating the I.Q of the planet. Maybe one day we will evolve into a planet that has no need of weapons or the knowledge of building them. I say that day is a long way off. Some say that people like Mr. Sparve are hurting or efforts in the march to a peaceful society. One thing we should all agree on is the fact that in today’s world there are many wolfs knocking at the door. We the people are smarter than our leaders give us credit for. We need no censorship from government or corporate entities like Google  to help us decide what knowledge is in our best interest to acquire.

Long live the first admentment

and the second

and the 3d

the forth

and so on.

Rick Stone

Reprinted here


Fear Porn (Dialing It Down)

Doomsday clock showing 3 minutes to midnight

Its 2017 and The Doomsday Clock ticks closer to midnight. While the elite spend millions on lavish “bunkers” they hope to out last the huddled masses in the upcoming “event”.  The CNN reporter on you brand new 60 in high def tellie is warning of impending doom and gloom at the behest of our newTrump administration. Wait I thought it was all Bush’s fault.

Are You A Prepper Or A Preacher?

It started for me years ago and then again beginning in 2012. The events spattered out on our daily news rags portrayed a fun and fluffy picture of new tech available for us all to swallow. It touted long lasting health benefits for all. Obama care was suppose to be the cure for everyones ills and the democratic Obama administration was painting a rosy picture of hope and change for the underprivileged. NIce so nice.

The riots in Ferguson and elsewhere showed us all maybe things were not quiet what they seemed.

Meanwhile  America was cranking up its war machine in Syria pushing mass refugees into europe’s open arms. At home guns and ammo sales in the United States skyrocketed month after month. Massive brain washing attempts by the mainstream media did little to slow the public from fortifying their arsenals. Individual players of both side cranked up their rhetoric. With Eric Holder and Obama leading the charge for racial divisiveness and inequality fixes  at every presser the general public jumped on the fence. The black and latino demanding justice and the immediate killing of “pigs in a blanket”. The BLM groups chanted death to cops slogans on nightly news did little to do anything but hype it all up. The white folks that could “read the signs” were standing in long lines at gun shows all across the country to get that extra box of 22 shells for grandpas squirrel gun “just in case”.

Welcome to the land of FEAR PORN

For me and my MAG group, family and friends we talked for hours about our bugout bags, bugout shelters and other such foolishness at great lengths. I mean after all didn’t you see the “blood Moon” last night or didn’t you see what the pope said in Philly. Yep 2012 though 2016 was definitely buggy with fear mongers getting paid to spit out prepper vids on you tube or make that very special new type of bug out underwear that every “prepper” must have.

Then along comes Hurricane Mathew and we lose power for 3 days.

Piece of cake. we all here om the homestead survived just fine. The horses were fine, the dogs, the birds, and the kids all fine fine just fine. WE were all ok due to my prepping efforts leading up to mathew. I had made water purifiers and stored a good supply of food. It was a little hard cooking meals but easily do- able. We have a lake in the front yard so bathing was not imposable. I vowed to install a out door solar shower this summer which would be nice. No we didn’t have to kill any zombies or fight off the military trying to cart us all off to internment camps. Did you see the coffins they got hide away. Really?

In the end

I think it could work out all right for us if we just strive harder to get along with each other and others aboard. But who am I but just a little guy on the fence with a sign that says

“Will Work For Food All Others Pay Cash”


Rick Stone

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And now back to main news feed

It’s A New World Order

Obama Brother Tweets REAL Birth Records

Real Or Fake?

Do you Obey The Law, Does your family, friends, and neighbors?

We live In a society of every changing values and ideals. Our laws are a reflection of that and are changed almost daily all across the country. They are changed by towns, cities  and counties, states and the fed at nauseum to “protect us all”.

I believe in a minimalistic approach to governance. Laws are oppressive and the fewer the better in my book. If you took every law on the books even from the federal government and stacked them on a table, how high would that stack be. Would it be a hundred feet, a thousand, maybe a mile? I don’t know myself but you can bet some bean counter somewhere  has the numbers on it.

Obey or Not

WHO has the right to choose which laws to obey? When you roll though a stop sign because your late for work or tax that extra deduction on your taxes to “make the numbers work” who’s looking anyway ? Right?

If we are a “nation of laws” then we should all be “equal under the law” Right? I know you are all nodding your head an saying “that’s right that’s right”. If you or I get caught for the stop sign thing or the tax thing we all collectively “understand” laws have consequences and we must be aware that we will be forced to obey.That means “At gun point ” if necessary.After all the threat of incarceration at gun point is the weight behind the words is it not.

I have watched as I am sure you all have, the last 8 years off the Obama administration roll over this country with its agenda at times blantly beleiving they were above the law. The Hillaary Emails. The excecutive orders, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch. Do you realize how many people it the state of New  York lost their property without a trial or a conviction of wrong doing? As attorney general of New York Lynch bought in Billions not millions of dough to the state in the name of JUSTICE.

So yesterday when former president Obama’s brother Tweeted out a copy of Barack’s real birth certificate what the hell should we think


There  have been many over last 8 years that have claimed the Obama was NOT a natural born citizen and therefore under the constitution not eligible to hold or even run for the position. The mainstream media outlets have labeled all who even whispered such ideals a conspiracy nut job. So if this cocument proves to indeed mbe true what then> Its all water under the bridge after all right?

I myself will wait for more of this story to gt “out there” It could indeed be after all “FAKE”

But if it proves to be true there must be consequences right?

I will explore this further with you all in a few days As always please like and share and donate my efforts if you so choose.

Rick Stone




The Globalist In Your Home (part 3)

The Globalist In Your Living Room

(Part 3)

With the release yesterday of 8 thousand documents by wikileaks the underbelly of our shadow government is once again exposed.While crickets are chirping from the lamestream media those in the know are shaking their heads and yelling “See see We told you so”.

I  said in the previous posts I would show you how to kick them out of our homes. The question is can I do it in 2 or 3  paragraphs?

Its Malware

The CIA and other federal agencies have been creating bugs for a long time. This is a fact and not just speculation, let me tell you how I know this and more importantly when.

     I ran an computer repair store in the 1990’s and became very aware of just who was behind the bugs infesting my clients machines by accident. I ran into an malware infestation that locked down a customer’s machine and demanded payment to unlock and remove said bug. My client “Joe” was livid and wanted revenge on the blackmailer and besieged me to lead the charge. Being the computer guru that  I am I started with a unusual approach.

The Hackers Hacking Hackers

The details on the web domain that initiated the bug was locked down as private. My hacking skills provided little help into exposing their sting operation. These guys were good, real good and it was a chess game I loved to play.



I started bugging ICAN to disclose their data sheet on who owned the website. It took an couple of weeks of emails, phone call,s and such until they agreed the site was malicious and released the data. All of it. The  phone numbers, addresses , and the names. Bingo!  Now I knew who to target with my revenge. With my limited hacking tools I was able to gain access to individual machines and email accounts of people in the organization. Their front door was a iron wall but they had left the back door wide open in their arrogance. That was when I discovered who was behind the curtain.  CIA and other federal agents were using us all as a training ground for cyber warfare. Their Emails joked all about covert projects named after  pop culture  of the 80’s.  Discovering that fact I quickly closed the door behind me knowing I was wayyyy in over MY head.

Not Done Yet

I told you I would help you all expose and evict the creeps and now maybe you can see how I might be able to help.

First step to removal is exposure.

Wikileaks is doing a fine job of that.  In my next installment I am going to freely give you all some bug spray that does indeed work.

Until next time adios amigos.

The beginning (In case you missed it).

The Globalist In Your Living Room (part 1)

The Globalist In Your Living Home (part 2)

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Rick Stone



Just to cold to stand around

Ever get up and feel like you just want to

kick your heels up a bit?

Or just get on your horse and ride Sally Ride?

Well I got a horse that’s kicking her heals up for 1:56 because she is a show off.

Her name is Breezy and she is a 12 year old Tennessee walking horse that has never been ridden by anyone but me. I have rode her very little and lunged her even less.  Those two facts alone should get a grin out of you.

This being the month of March and the smell of spring on the way I thought I would put together some videos for you all of me doing some spring riding/ training/ craziness .

Anyway… Introducing (drum roll please)


 Want More?

I got a one minute clip of the last time I rode her.

Yes I went to the hospital.

So please like and share

Its all in a days fun.

Stay dialed in cowboys and girls as me and Breezy dial it up into the hot hot  days of summer.

All for YOU.

Even if you are not a roping wrangling  bucking kind of individual yourself I bet you can appreciate the situation

Rick Stone

One last thing

For all you that would like to offer advice, “Thanks but no thanks”

I am not a know it all or a super duper horse trainer extraordinaire

I am just to damn lazy to lunge her. Hell the saddles awful heavy to put on and she doesn’t like it anyway.

Soooooo  when I think about it maybe I should,

 just do this bareback.



The Future Of Trumpville Part 3

Attorney General Recuses Himself After Allegations Of Wrong Doing By Democrats During  Last Election Cycle

Right vs. Might

 President Trump’s new attorney general is barely onboard before the opposing party and the media starts a push for throwing him overboard. It all started with a meeting by Sessions and a Russian Diplomat during Trump’s election campaign. The dem cry “conspiracy” the Gob points to the past.

Jeff Sessions did what an honorable person would do in my book. He recused himself from any investigations into the allocations. Unlike his predecessor Loretta Lynch who refused to do the same after her obvious misconduct during the same election cycle.

Lets start with Sessions

As the top Attorney in the country he has an enormous responsibility to remain unbiased in any and all legal proceedings under his leadership. If an opposing side cries foul he should be confident in his organizations ability to conduct the matter unbiased to its conclusion. Really its as simple as that, he know it and acted accordingly. His boss the president cries “witch hunt” which I suspect it might be. The truth “will out” so they say and  I will wait for more to come out (as we all should).

Moving On

Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General.

Ms. Lynch was caught meeting with the former president Bill Clinton privately on her plane just days before the November elections. It the time as I am sure you are all aware Clinton’s Wife Hillary was under a FBI investigation for improper use of classified documents on a unsecure private server. This was totally illegal and the FBI director James Comey has said so. Lorreta Lynch should have and could have recused herself in an honorable way to avoid any appearance of wrong doing. She was above it she thought just as Hillary was and Obama was and the whole Obama administration was. To me this is a major over reach of power by the people we elect and should be able to trust the most.

The Media Guilty As Well

A study by an independent watchdog group came out yesterday and said the mainstream media prove to be biased against the Trump administration in 88% of its articles this year.Nothing but flame fanning, which is the only thing they are good at. We got a long rode ahead for the ride to Trumpville my friends. I am, as  I am sure you all are eager to see what the shining city on the hill is going to look like upon our arrival. Oet thing is for sure it is going to be anything but a smooth sail to that destination. What I thought would be a four of five part series here  could easily turn into a book.

Please join me as I continue into the journey with my next installment of THE FUTURE OF TRUMPVILLE

In case you missed the first two posts click the links below

Part 1

Part 2

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