WannaCry Hackers Vow To Cut Kill Switch On 2d Version Of Its Mailware

Make You Want To Cry Doesn’t?

The Terrorist group that released the Wanna Cry Malware program last week are black hat hackers that have one motive.


Screen grabs from across the globe have shown us that if we are infected it will cost us money know matter what.  Big gov and industries are scabbling the biggest anti hacker team to beat back what they know will be a “round 2” on the global computer networks.

My prediction for round two in same same with know kill switch. Most computers  that do not update will be most effected by the brutal malware that can turn your hard drive into mush in minutes.

The Blame Game Cometh

With plenty of finger pointing in France, Germany, and here in Washington the back room law dogs broilers are heating up for a massive sweep of arrests especially in France and the UK.

What You Should Know (this means you Uncle)

With code Developed by the Five Eye Nation State Spy Ring the next infestation won’t have a kill switch. The really scary part is the fact that almost inevitably some group will use it with political motives and point their weapon at infrastructure or worse our nuclear  or power grid. Many hospitals in Europe are still struggling to get back to fully functional platforms.

For all of us at home we advice you to


Microsoft wrote the shit, they got to plug the holes.

That is all move along and please

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Living by Faith

Who do you trust?

In our complex world we live there exist a network of intangible relationships that are crucial to our social-political structure in which we live. As a society America has built a modal that is emulated over and over to propagate democracy globally. One of our core tools in structuring governance is a religious modal. We can talk about the relevance or lawful implications of weaving religion and politics but the facts is they are essentially one in the same.

In the analysis

We look today at one of the driving mechanisms that acts as a binder for globalism and the new world order. Today discussion is one of faith.


Just who do you trust?

JESUS, The Prophet Muhammad,  Trump, The wall street Journal?


Lets start there. Do you really trust yourself to make rational choices about the way you live? Of course you do. Your an intelligent educated well informed individual with a mind of your own.

Really ?

Would you  yourself trust your  capability  of making decisions that affected millions of people on a global scale? National?

Still feel informed and educated? If you hesitated for even one second before saying yes then sorry but I am not talking to you.

To effect change you must change the leaders

If you have seen the front page of this website then you know my intent here. My “Intent” is to effect global change for the benefit of not only this great nation but the entire world. Our leaders are ill equipped, under educated and overly reliant on someone else to direct the world into a safer more affluent place.  The world its not all warm and fuzzy, some say its spinning out of control. We need to go no further than our daily news outlet to see the cultural divide and the collision course  that we are on. We are looking at the train wreck in slow mo right before us. To me the path ahead is clear. While the possibilities are endless the logical conclusion is crystal to me. Our leaders must take action now to change the fate of mankind.

Where To Start?

First to my readers, you know, the intelligent….. blah blah you.

This is how you help and shine in the same breath. You got breath, voice, reason and drive . I need you , the world needs YOU. The next paraghaph is the punch line of it al. If what you read next makes you stand up and shout ureka….. then I have done my job and your next assignment is clear. Share this with you friends, co-workers and family. More importantly share this, no DEMAND this of our leaders. I will give you ways to this with little effort on your part in a furture post, stay tuned.

And Now The Final Curtain

This is directed at our leaders specifically

Trump Putin Merkel Kim Un,  our congress senate and supreme courts, our bankers , our ceo’s of wall street.

Get A Crip Man, This isn’t about you.

You all as individuals must collectively and at the same time put your ego down and  quit playing us all.  Take all the greed of money and power and flush it. That alone leave you with on thing left to do.


Do what you know in your heart to be good and true.

Brave New World

We CAN do this. Maybe we won’t get this done today or tomorrow on next year but we can over time evolve into a species that works well with the planet we inherited.

Its starts with you as soon as you press the share button

Thank you, Thank you very much

Rick Stone






How To Stay Relevant

Have you noticed slippage in your social platforms lately?

Are your friends getting harder to hang with millennials? If your groove feels more like a rut I am here to help.

Thursday’s Thoughts

If you want to stay on the winning side of social platforms and feel like your on your way to “being Somebody” then here are a few tips to advance your cause and social prosperity.

Get A Stick

No this isn’t a shameless plug for a go pro its a call for all you young entrepreneurs to get use to the one thing that’s hard to roll out if you don’t know the first thing about wheels.

Be yourself to be somebody

Whatever you do you have to do it with your own unique style. That is really hard to do because there is always haters trying to beat your door and you down. Do you know that when I started the “Evil Slapper” meme I was blasted for being immature and people said I should grow up. Boy an I glad I didn’t listen to their nonsense. It has taken a while and a lot of work but it as all really worked out very well for me. Why? Because I stayed true to my vision and forced it into reality.

Do some forcing forcefully

Stay in your groove, do your own thing and let the haters hate. Push your message hard, when you can’t push no more think of ways to push it even harder. Motivation is the shining light people. Get a stick put it on a pole and plug in mega voltage to the light at the top (YOU).

You will Shine, have a little faith in yourself

That is all, move along

Rick Stone on Thursdays  Thoughts

Living On The Edge (Under A Rock)

You want to GO FOR IT. Want to be Famous!!!!
Here is the Fame Train

Jump On.

Modana gets it in Attitude from day one.

MMa fighter Tim Mcgregor gets it for skill set confidence

Muhammad Ali gets it for crisma

Put it together for a winning “game on” attitude and your are at least running in the right direction comrade.

That is all, move along


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The Five Eyes


James Comey lands in Queensland for five nation top  secret services spying consortium in Australia. CIA Director Mike Pompeo may have been seen as well. The meeting between the five nation including the Aussies, New Zealand, Us and the Brits yearly hook up for the Five Eyes international spy alliance.

Eyes In The Walls

Hacker Groups

One of the topics that will probable be discussed is the wikileaked docs on the nation state spy ware that the five eye group more than likely were invo;ved in producing.

Damage  Report Scotty

The group will now have to contend with black hat hackers using nation state spy ware to spy back on the very group that invented it.

A fly on the wall.

Wouldn’t you like to be one on that wall Coders?

Anybody ?

More Here

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Facebook AI “Reality”

 Facebook’s big plans for augmented reality AR

At the F8 developer conference  the buzz words seem to evolve around your brain and skin. Brain to device connections are being developed by Facebook to interact with its AR glasses it also is smending  a lot of time and money on. They seek new streamlined ways of inter-reacting with us the human piggy bank that the elite get to roll over and play with as they see fit. The new “Brainchild of Zuckerberg and others such as google and apple can’t wait to “Really” Plug us all in.

Things in the real world and the one in which they want to create is one of dreams and nightmares. Other Articles taunt the readers with futuristic Ar platforms I will take you DEEPER.

Plugging In So We Can Plug It Up

If there is one thing I have learned in the 30 plus years I have been programing it is….

If You Can Build It, I Can Hack It. Get It

As the numbers of Anonymous programmers swell the sophistication of said programmer skills increases dramatically. Developers on the facebook platform have a  really good set of tools as well. Now that the genie is out of the bottle its hard to put back.

Let them build to suit their agenda for the “benefit” of their users. Us “users” have many programs running to0. One of them is    called ” anonymous” It IT lives and breaths for WE  The People.

Watch your 6





Windows Smudged With Malware From CIA

The Shadow Brokers documents released yesterday gives ultra complex  nation state code to  every hacker in the world. The code comes complete with tool kits to bore into windows exploits with mind boggling accuracy.

Correction: Windows isn’t smudged, its broken.

The Wikileaks doc dump from the shadow Brokers means  one thing for the hundreds of millions  of  window desktop users world wide. If you don’t move to Window 10 your hacked, period.

Thank you CIA

The holes in older versions of Microsoft Windows Is so massive they will never be plugged. This will effect million including businesses using programs such as windows server 2008 and windows 7 and 8.

Get Ready For The Hack-A-Thon From Hell

Our in house security expert Trevor Stone says “The exposing of the pristine ultra- high end code written by the CIA is the supreme “Golden Nugget” of hacking tools. He goes on to explain that over the next few months and even years not only will the general public and small businesses be a great risk for date theft and exploitation but Microsoft has no real reason to spend the millions necessary to fix the problem. He states” I wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft come out with commercial slogans such as ” Up grade to windows 10 or lose your privacy entirely”. The fact is we have all been vulnerable to the Cia intrusion for years now we live in a virtual world with no way of locking the doors.

The Window Aren’t Smudged , They are just holes in the wall. Big holes in a house with not only no locks on the doors but the “backdoor” has been removed entirely.

More on this in greater detail in the days ahead.

This is HUGE

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61% Of All Federal Arrests Are Foreigners

The Justice Department by the numbers


The Pew Research Center’s Analysis released  on monday of arrests made by the Fed show huge increases in immigration related offences.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics released a report last month found  here that shows  immigration offenses accounted for fully half of federal arrests in 2014, up from only 28% a decade earlier.


The Department of Homeland Security, and subsets  Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), now makes more arrests than the FBI, DEA, BATFE, U.S. Marshal’s Service, and all other branches of the Justice Department combined.

In 2014, 61% of all federal arrests – or more than 100,000 – occurred in just five federal judicial districts along the U.S.-Mexico border.

 61% of federal arrests are now of non-U.S. citizens.

These arrests, mostly for immigration offenses, but including thousands for other crimes, do not include the hundreds of thousands of non-criminal apprehensions of illegal aliens each year.

37% of all criminal defendants in federal district courts in 2014 were illegal aliens.

Federal arrests make up  only one percent of the total arrests in the United States each year, local and state law enforcement pulling in the other 99%. The reports on criminals and their nationality are hard to come by. Sanctuary cities by policy do not disclose immigration status by default. Other factors at play play as well.

Homeland Security Growing Your Jobs.

The backlog of cases is staggering. With the drive to ferret out illegals by the Trump admin Federal prisons are being over run. The homeland security department has been scrambling to find suitable temporary housing for pre trail detainees. The private prison industry is going to fill the need and then some..In 1994, fewer than 2,500 immigration cases wound up in district court, 21,789 did in 2014. With the open door policy of Obama that number for 2015-2017 will be staggering.  The average sentence in 2014 was 15 months in federal prison. While federal prison population is generally are on a slight decline, immigration incarcerations are straining  prisons run by private companies, which are disproportionately set aside for immigration offenders.

Homeland security locking them up and private industry building, maintaining and profiting from our government policies on our dime. I for one would like to follow the money trail on this one I bet it could get real creepy.

Jeff Sessions should give us all the straight numbers on all this, it’s his baby now and the tangled web must be unwound. When this gest piled up on Trump’s desk I hope he see’s it as a gift from Obama to save us money and give us more JOBS…..

Thank you very much

Rick Stone




What You Need To Know About Google’s Fact Checker

The giant Google has stepped up its mind control game from  whispers in your ear to Shouts of righteous panting.



As Google ANNOUNCED it new “Fact Checker” critics pound the giant with “The Facts” on who google thinks knows the “Facts”

The only “Facts” that are going to come from them are their fact of their clear agenda to con us all. They want nothing more than everything you got. This is their effort to combat small potatoes like me with an opposing political view.. The fact is a lot of people are now getting their facts from people like me. My small attempt in trying to save the planet wants  no part in Google fact checking anything for me. I hope over time some of us “independent” fact checkers aren’t muffled, muzzled or just plainly KNOCK THE F*** OUT.

Here at Drudge we dive deeper so you can to.  One small step for free speech we need so desperately. Unfortunately Google is running at us with everything they got.

The Good News

The take a way of all of this is the fact that there are groups, large groups of people that are connected on a new level with goals more inclusive of our core values as a nation. Let the giant yell we have new ear protectors that’s makes this story no big deal

And That is a big deal

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Senate Confirms Gorsuch To Supreme Court

After Majority leader Mitch McConnell changes vote rule yesterday the places a winning vote of 54 to 45 passes N. Gorsuch On To The Supreme Court.

One of the first things on Trump’s mind now is the travel ban. I don’t think it will take him long to get it right. Today Trump will focus on baklash over the Syrian bombing and working things out with XI.